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Thinking about starting a Home Based Business?
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When You search for home business ideas or working at home opportunity, You've probably asked Yourself, "How do You find the REAL, legitimate opportunity amongst the scams and Get Rich Quick schemes?" It's not easy!. Consider teaming up with us. Start our home based business on a rock-solid base! Since 1985, we've helped tens of thousands of men and women worldwide build their successful home businesses. And we can help You, too. If You are searching Get Rich Quick home business, then You are on wrong Web Page! Strong Future International affiliate program is rated as #1 Internet Based Home  Business! Ask Yourself, do You want to work for 40 years or more to make $40,000 a year or less, to retire on 40% of what wasn't enough in the first place?

And now, Imagine owning a profitable, legal, proven, stable, easy, international home business, that You could start TODAY without:

- technical know how
- jeopardizing Your current career
- large capital investment or overhead
- any of the headaches of owning a traditional business

And what if all the tools, secrets and techniques were provided for You instantly, with simple to follow, step by step instructions? What if I told You, it was FREE to start with NO obligation what so ever! No gimmicks, no pie in the sky, no bull!

Proven, more then 20 year track record! Interested?


That's an easy one to answer. There ISN'T ONE! We only ask, that You bring a willingness to learn and a desire to succeed and be willing to represent our company with dignity and pride. We'll do everything else.


Why not take that important first step and Sign Up FREE!

My advice is very simple: use all the tools and info available to us in the homebusiness center: You must know and learn everything you need to have a successful home business. SFI gives us the right tools.( how to sponsor affiliates, refer TripleClicks members, duplicate yourself ... ) You must bring commitment, perseverance and determination. Every day! You can use both online and offline advertisement to build your home business. Talk to all your friends and family and make them your downline, the more friends you have the more you get richer. You can also use the following. Internet marketing (e-mail, Websites, etc.) Print media (periodical/magazine ads, card decks, etc.) Direct mail "Warm marketing" (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) Power Retailing" (extensive retailing beyond warm market) One-on-one local recruiting. The very best way to approach homebusiness is through Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook etc.) or Blogging. When you have your own Blog, make sure SFI picture or text is in the name somewhere, this way your Bloggee's will eventually ask, "What's SFI?" To which you reply, "I'm so very glad you asked!" The harder you work the bigger the rewards are. Don't give up, this home business really works!

This online business is real and simple homebusiness, just remember this:

~ Become Executive Affiliate EA, easiest way is with TCredits each month
~ Refer friends, family and other unknown people to your SFI gateways to sign up free in your team
~ Tell each new affiliate that real money is in SFI when they become and stay EA each month
~ And than tell them to do the same as you

That is all how to successful run my homebusiness.

Learn how You can easily have a $10K with this home business:

This home business ideas / plan is on the level! It's true and honest, and it works! Here's the intended use of the plan. First of all, you need to agree to the plan and follow it every day. And then, you must show the plan continuously to every affiliate you sponsor to get the committed ones to follow the plan, too.

To become very wealthy with the SFI Marketing Group homebusiness, do this (just these 3 simple things):

~ Remain an Executive Affiliate/EA every month. Retail sales or Purchases - it doesn't matter how you stay EA. GOAL: To maximize your benefits and income potential.

~ Produce at least one new EA every month. It's your choice how you market SFI to accomplish this. GOAL: To rapidly grow your sales team and earn bonuses/residuals.

~ Make sure every Affiliate you sponsor knows this! Tell them these 3 things as often as it takes until they understand this business plan and DO IT. GOAL: To show leadership, duplication, and your business plan.

These 3 things are essential to the plan and your success. If you do these things, and every committed affiliate on your sales team does them, then each of you will become very wealthy, very soon. Guaranteed! Failure to do any of these 3 things will cause the plan to fail. Number 3 is crucial! Vital to the plan, it's an excellent way to accomplish Number 2. But it all begins with Number 1. Until you become EA your income is limited to only your retail sales and NOC/UBC promotion. No sponsoring. No extra resources. No team network. No bonuses or residuals. EA is first step where the big money is... for YOU!
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How I successful run my Homebusiness with ideas as:

"I joined SFI in Febuary of 2000 and did  nothing until the following September. Once I started working the program I  saw the possibilities right away. I then  became EA and made $1590.00 that  same month. I just received my 1099 for  2001 the amount was $82,394.00. This home business really works!"
Erich Winnecke IN, USA 

"This is the best money making opportunity I've seen, bar none. I have  been involved in the network marketing  and direct - sales biz for 25 years, but none can compete
with SFI."  D. Scruggs TX, USA 

"I never thought this could happen in my  life. Wow! SFI is the easiest, most  reliable way to earn money. One should  try it in order to believe it."
Selvarajh Natarajan INDIA
You Can Achive Your FREEDOM With Us!
#1 Proven NO or Low Cost Home Business On Internet!
Just For Your Peace of Mind, SFI is in Good Standing with the Better Business Bureau serving southern Nebraska USA!

Home Business Ideas

Legitimate Home Business Opportunity!

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Strong Future International (SFI) is a free affiliate home business opportunity available on Internet. Started online in 1998, SFI is a member of the Better Business Bureau with headquarters located in Lincoln, Nebraska. SFI was launched to give the beginner to affiliate programs, strategies and techniques they need to build their own money making online business. SFI opportunity is recognized as one of the largest affiliate networks in the world and is a booming home business encompassing tens of thousands of affiliates in more than 200 countries worldwide. SFI has hundreds of products that are in peak demand. For each product you promote and sell, you can earn a fixed commission percentage. The SFI product line includes popular vitamin supplements, cleaning products, magazines, books, Wave3, TripleClicks, Pricebenders auctions, website domain name registration, high-quality pet care products, delectable coffees and teas, plus state-of-the-art wireless telephone services. You also have to opportunity to promote the exciting SFI opportunity and earn a generous commission on all sales generated by those in your downline. This can quickly become a powerful, automated and extremely lucrative opportunity for residual income. All you have to do is refer customers to your free gateway websites. SFI will take care of all orders, product shipments, and customer service for you at no cost for each sale your Gateways generate, and pay you a handsome commission for making the referral. Or, you can buy products at wholesale (individually or by the case) and sell direct to your customers. The best part of the SFI affiliate program is that you have a large network of affiliates whom you can learn from as well. SFI has its own discussion board where many of the staff and the top earners can be found. There they share useful information on every aspect of making money with SFI, and answer your questions. Every new SFI affiliate has a sponsor who they can contact for support. Your sponsor is someone who has experience that you can rely upon when you need help or guidance. They are a fellow member, and SFI dedicates a section of your log in account to providing you will their contact information. You can rest assured that you are not left alone to fend for yourself as a new beginner. Affiliate marketing business opportunity is one of the top ways people can earn money online.

About me: My name is Tinkara Licen. Please email me at online.wah2 at if You have any questions. Please make sure it is a legitimate work at home business ideas question. I have been involved with internet work at home business since 1999. And now I work at home full time. The work at home opportunity resource provided on this web site is the exact resource that I use daily to succeed online. This is not "get rich quick" homebusiness!  It is legitimate home business opportunity! And as with any business, it takes an investment of time and money to succeed. The advantage to online business is that the investment of money is significantly less than any other type of internet business. Well, I'm investing less than two dollar's per day for learning, running and advertising my own Home Business. And most important, You'll need somebody to help You how to succeed online. I would love to help You how to succeed online with your own work at home based business. Just Sign up FREE Now!
Sign up FREE Now!
Sign up FREE Now!
NO obligation what so ever! No gimmicks, no pie in the sky, no bull! Proven, more then 20 year track record!
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